Medical Teams International

Medical Teams International is a non-profit global health organization that is humanitarian in nature. The organization has numerous achievements that can be ascribed to its efforts.

Medical Teams International has mobilized more than 2000 teams since 1979, shipped more than $1.3 billion in medical aid and provided medical care to millions of people across the world in more than 50 countries. The organization also has mobile dental clinics that serve people in Oregon, Washington and Minnesota.

The organization is based on Christina faith and helps communities fight diseases and live a fuller and healthier life. The work of the organization involves working with base level organizations that are more aware of the conditions of the region, churches, ministries of health and other related organizations to ensure that the work continues in a seamless manner on the ground.

There are 28 programs that the organization runs today. These are spread across countries like Afghanistan, Burundi, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Gabon, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Niger, Uganda, and United States

Medical Teams International focuses on specific areas that their staff has been trained on. The goal is to help those who have been stricken by disaster, conflict and poverty by bringing effective medical aid to them. The guidelines that the organization follows are international in nature and are decided by the global health community.

The specific areas that the organization focuses on include community health, dental programs, disaster response, emergency medical services, HIV and AIDS care and prevention, medical services and training and medical supply program. The medical aid organization uses 98 cents out of every dollar donated to the programs and services that they offer. Therefore they are one of the most efficient non-profit organizations that exist today. Donations can be made by giving cash or non-cash gifts, creating planned gifts or supporting volunteers.


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